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Safer and Stronger

  • Hurricanes - The strength and durability of a Premere ICF wall provide unmatched resistance to survive the devastation of major storms and high winds.
  • Tornadoes - Wood framed walls fail to stop the penetration of airborne hazards while Premere walls have the strength and mass to resist the impact of flying debris.
  • Fire - Unlike wood, concrete does not burn. Unlike steel, it does not soften and bend. Concrete does not break down until it is exposed to thousands of degrees Fahrenheit - far more than is present in the typical house fire. In tests, Premere ICF walls were subjected to continuous gas flames and temperatures of up to 2000º F for as long as 4 hours. None of the Premere walls ever failed structurally.
  • Freeze/thaw cycles - Freeze/thaw cycles have no effect on a Premere ICF foundation, the strength of the Premere wall far exceeds the forces extended by these cycles.

Environmentally Friendly

  • To construct the average wood frame home approximately 2 acres of forest are consumed in the build process. The earths natural resources may be conserved by building with Insulated Concrete Forms.
  • Waste is reduced through minimizing the number of construction products required. With Premere ICF system, all components, no matter the size, can be used in the wall construction.

Long Lasting

  • Unlike wood and steel, concrete and foam will not rot or rust. Concrete has proven that exposure to nature's elements over centuries of time has little effect on the strength and integrity of concrete.
  • Thermal performance of polystyrene foam insulation stays stable where other types of insulation tend to take on moisture or settle.

Flexible Designs

  • Designs can be of any style, Premere's forms can accomodate tall walls, curved walls, large openings, long ceiling spans, custom angles and cathedral ceilings.
  • Ease of use is second-to-none with Premere. The foam and rails are easy to cut and shape. Contractors can build curved walls and custom angles reducing the worry about structural load considerations.
  • Finishes for ICF structures are the same as for traditional structures. The visible 2 1/4" wide rigid PVC rail at 1-foot intervals allows for materials to be easily attached.

Lightweight Product

  • Polystyrene foam in 1-foot by 4-foot planks, weigh less than 2 pounds each. Working with this lightweight product means construction crews become less fatigued throughout the day.
  • Rails and cross ties are compact and lightweight for easy handling and assembly.