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" ...surpasses all known building codes... "

"The Premere system offers reliability, simplicity, flexibility, quality of material and ease of use."

"...offers distinct
advantages over other ICF systems..."

"...quiet and comfortable."

"I am a registered professional engineer with experience using the Premere Insulated Concrete Form.  I personally have had very good results with this product.  When applied according to product guidelines and good construction practices, others should expect the same results.

This Product surpasses all known building codes pertaining to residential and light commercial construction.  Other ICF products on the market cannot make this claim.  My experience with building inspectors and code officials has been a reluctance to accept this new technology for unknown reasons.  I suspect their knowledge of building codes is lacking and they prefer to use conventional framing methods."

W. Michael Siegler, P.E

"I am an engineer in private practice and have been in business for over twenty years.  My clientele include: architects, contractors, industry and commercial developers.  I provide mechanical, electrical and plumbing design.  I have over thirty years in the construction business and feel qualified to recommend Premere Insulated Concrete Forms. 

I am president of three companies, one of which deals with insulated concrete forms.  I have had experience with numerous manufacturers of ICF.  The only one I would ever recommend is Premere.  The reason is simple, it is the best suited for commercial (as well as residential) construction.  This has been reinforced by many contractors, one of which is currently constructing a three story housing for the elderly in Norwich Connecticut.

This General Contractor has used other manufacturers of ICF and has stated this product far exceeds the overall standards of all others.  The Architect for this project has also stated his gratifying experience, and has two other projects on the board right now with Premere specified as the concrete form.

Douglas R Carrier E.E

President, Carrier Consulting


"I wanted to write to you to express my appreciation for the work your company did for me on the house up in Tryon.  As you may remember, I chose the Premere forming system because of its ease of construction, economy, resistance to termites and the overall durability and strength of the final product.  I have not been disappointed in any regards.  As an architect, I firmly believe that this system offers distinct advantages over the other ICF systems with which I am familiar, and I have seen quite a few.

W. Barry Jenkins, AIA/NCARB


Jenkins, Hancock and Sides

Architecture+Interiors+Engineering, Inc.