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Greater Energy Efficiency

  • High R-value - Four inches of foam insulation (2" interior and exterior) over a solid concrete wall create a highly insulated mass that blocks heat and cold variations. Insulating values for Premere ICF walls using polystyrene foam are R-17 to R-26, compared to wood frame's R-9 to R-15.
  • Low air infiltration - Due to continuous air barriers, there are no convection air currents within the wall cavities. In tests, Premere ICF walls averaged about half as much air infiltration as wood-frame homes.
  • Greater thermal mass - Premere's concrete walls have the heat-abosrbing property, "thermal-mass," the ability to smooth out large temperature swings. It keeps the walls warmer when the outdoor temperature hits its coldest extreme and cooler when the outdoor temperature is hottest. The walls "add back" heat or cooling, which contributes about 6% of the needed energy to the house for free.
  • Lower energy costs - bills are reduced 34% to 50% over typical wood framed structures. In colder climates, basements that are not insulated account for up to 40% of a home's heat loss.

More Peaceful and Secure Feeling

  • Lower sound transmission - About one-sixth to one-third as much sound gets through Premere ICF walls compared with an ordinary frame wall.
  • Enhanced solid structure - High mass walls create the feeling of a significantly enhanced solid structure with virtually no cold spots and fewer drafts.
  • Solidity and rigidity - Premere ICF wall construction reduces the flex in floors and reduces shifting and vibrations caused by high winds.

Comparable Costs

  • Labor Savings - An ICF structure can be set up by an experienced crew in an average of 1 minute per square foot of wall area.
  • Increases of Lumber Costs - Dwindling supplies of quality lumber have continued to keep lumber prices on the rise.
  • Reduced Heating and Cooling Euipment - Smaller heating and cooling equipment needed for such an energy-efficient structure can cut construction costs by an estimated $500 to $2000.
  • Reduced insurance costs - Home Owner's insurance costs can be reduced as much as 10% by many insurance companies.
  • Resale of your ICF home increases - ICF construction adds value to your home; seller's may enjoy additional gains of $3.00 per square foot when selling their ICF home, over conventional wood frame construction.

Healthier Environment

  • Mold and Mildew - With the Premere ICF system mold and mildew have nowhere to grow and no materials to grow on. Unlike wood an organic material, the components that make-up the Premere ICF system do not harbor moisture or promote mold growth.
  • Reduced Air Infiltration - The interlocking foam faces, sealed with continuous concrete in the center, make Premere ICF walls exceptionally airtight. By reducing drafts, germs and allergins are locked outside of the Premere airtight structure.

Pest Resistant

  • No Entrance for Pests - The interlocking foam faces, sealed with continuous concrete in the center, make Premere ICF walls exceptionally airtight. An airtight structure translates into a "pest tight" structure.
  • Termite Barrier - If termites seeking food were to permeate the exterior foam of a Premere structure, the patented Premere PVC rail serves as a barrier, blocking the termites from progressing to wooden components such as window casings, door casings, or roof structures. Termites are incapable of travelling freely throughout the Premere ICF system.